Liz Laird

‘After spending the last few years literally stumbling from one marathon to another I decided if I wanted to continue being a serial marathon runner and not end up being seriously injured I needed a guiding angel! Someone who could provide me with some direction, a structured but realistic training plan, who would be on hand to give advice and support, someone who I could relate to and who most importantly understood me!  Hello Claire!


When Claire was given the unenviable task of taking me on I had a serious marathon addiction having completed 42 of the blighters by the end of 2016, and I had stumbled through 11 of them in 2016!  So not only did Claire have the challenge of converting me to a structured running schedule, I also had some new non-running goals of my own to add to the equation!  Primarily in 2017 I wanted to confidently complete my first open water sea swim race but also I had a long-term plan of overcoming my fear of road cycling.


Eight months on and because of the expertise, cross-training, food nutrition advice and running schedule Claire has provided me with I have become a much improved and confident runner.  In July I completed my first sea swim; a 2.4 mile race in Tenby where all my fears of the mass swim start were overcome and I finished 15 minutes quicker than in practice, thank you Claire for the invaluable advice!  My road cycling is an on-going project, fortunately Claire has more faith in me than I seem to have in myself but I know together we will eventually conquer my fear!  Finally of course I am still running marathons, Claire does question my sanity every now and again but understands my addiction however I’m certainly not running as many marathons as 2016 as that was just plain stupid!


Finally what is important to Claire is what my goals are, it doesn’t matter to her where I come in a race it’s all about my personal achievement.  This is fortunate as I am never going to threaten the leading field in any race but to me that doesn’t matter either as Claire always treats me as if I am the winner!’


Lisa Rogers-Hill

I started running in 2007 after giving up smoking – I then got introduced to triathlon and was hooked.  Although I had been training and competing in this ‘hobby’ for a few years my running wasn’t getting any faster and I was getting constantly frustrated.  I met Claire not long after I had attempted my first ironman distance race and was amazed by the apparent ease with which she ran.  Fast forward a few years and I was two months away from another iron distance, having just been overtaken by Claire on a half ironman warm up race.  The swim and bike had gone to plan but the run had become a walk and I was feeling really low about it all.  I asked Claire for some help and she gave me more than I expected.  She started by watching me run, then filming and showing it to me, talking me through some small changes that I could make to my posture.  A training plan followed and lots of encouragement.  Even in such a short space of time, by following her advice I started to gain confidence and see results.  When a fellow club member remarked to me that when he saw me running off the bike at a local track session, how strong I looked.  No-one had ever said that to me before!

The iron distance race wasn’t pretty, they never are but I had Claire’s advice, the confidence and strength her training plan had given me and when I needed it most I was able to keep running.  Physically I have transformed and mentally too – I feel like I am becoming a ‘runner’.

I cannot thank Claire enough – everything she has taught me has become a regular part of my training.  And given that I came 5th in my age group I have qualified for ‘The Championship’ in 2018, so lots of work still to do.

Even if you think you don’t need a trainer, you need Claire in your life.  I can’t recommend her enough, she is the loveliest, kindest, most supportive, encouraging not to mention pretty determined and bloody amazing competitor herself.  I think ultimately that’s why I asked for her help – she can walk the walk aswell as talk the talk.

Nikki Capp

“After having my second baby in just over 2 years, and having put on almost 4 stone during pregnancy, I was desperate to get my body under control again.

Having been a runner before having children, and always quite active, I thought it would be easy to get back into things but began to really struggle with motivation and the weight wasn’t shifting the way it used to. I felt tired, sluggish and to be honest, a little depressed.

Claire talked through everything with me and made sure that I was ready to start my training, mentally and physically, before we even began. When we began, oh boy we began! I noticeably felt more alert, energised and motivated within a very short space of time. I photographed myself before I started training and clean eating, and then again at various stages throughout. The progress was astounding and the evidence spoke for itself. But the real difference was to how I felt and the confidence I gained back.

Throughout all of this, Claire was there checking up on me when I wasn’t out training with her and pushing me on to do better and better every time when we were together.

My initial weight loss goal achieved within months, I moved on to my next running goal of increasing my running speed and reducing my half marathon time. Having seldom been able to run anything quicker than 10.30min/miles throughout my running career so far, with Claire’s brilliant training program I can now, for the first time EVER, run long distances under 10 minute miles. I am THRILLED! The best part is, it’s improving all the time!

Heading forward, we are now working on a Triathlon goal and I am so excited!

Claire is one hell of a woman. She trains hard and she really knows her business. She’s clued up, unbelievably enthusiastic and encouraging and is a lovely person to boot. She always makes you feel like you can do it, even when you think you really can’t! And what you cannot teach in a classroom is the wealth of personal experience she has from a health, lifestyle and fitness perspective. She lives what she does and it is refreshing to have someone who actually adores helping people achieve their goals where so many others in the field fall down. Plus, she’s a Mum. She gets that you can’t always train the way you want to when you want to. She knows how hard it can be to look after yourself as a Mum. She knows what a kid or two can do to a body and how hard it is to recover. She just gets it. PHEW! She also knows how to sort it out J

I love working with Claire and am so proud of myself and her for what we’ve achieved together so far and cannot wait to see what this year brings.

Thank you Claire – You’re priceless ”

samSamantha Kelly-Harding

“I met Claire in July of last year.  I was a 45 year old mum of two with boys aged 9 and 15,  I was returning to work after a period of illness, I worked 40 hours a week.  I ran but had no real purpose, I cycled but to no massive effort.  I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in 2009 and so have to be careful to look after myself in order to keep going.  She was enthusiastic and when I felt I wasn’t doing well she encouraged me to do better.  As a result of this encouragement I entered and completed two duathlons and many road races.  My running and technique has improved greatly, my cycling is well above average and she has even got me to improve my swimming with the goal of a Triathlon later this year.  My body shape has changed I am no longer just a mum I am an athlete.  I have also met many people through my sports who I classify as good friends one of which is Claire, down to Claire I now enjoy a healthy active life.  Claire is very dedicated and very good at getting the best out of people the only problem she has is not knowing the difference between an incline and a hill oh and she can’t count reps properly when you’re exercising making you do more and more.”


davidDavid Tucker 

“I’ve been working closely with Claire since September 2015 on an Ironman Programme, this is my first and I didn’t have a clue what to do with regards to training. Claire has meticulously planned this ever evolving programme to a finest detail. I know what I’m doing on a day to day basis, and when Claire and I are working on a one to one sessions, she is not only professional but also hugely supportive, and that fills me with so much confidence. I’m a little over one third of my journey so far and I feel so optimistic that I’m not only going to complete the Ironman but I’m going to compete the Ironman. Keep up the amazing work Claire Frances. Oh yes the Ironman is only a start…. next year a new adventure!”


Peter Blakepeteim

“I had the pleasure of meeting Claire in 2014 through triathlon training, we along with numerous others participated in various training activities, training camps and events throughout 2014 and 2015 concluding for me in Ironman UK in July and then for both of us in Ironman Wales in September. We also participated in an end of season jog from Bristol to Bath in the first City to City Marathon in October sharing finishing time of 3hrs 17 minutes.

It was during this time in 2014 and 2015 that I got to know Claire and her passion, enthusiasm and commitment not only to her own training but to those around her and her ever developing portfolio of clients.

When it was time for me to identify and face the next challenge, I knew I was going to need some professional help to achieve my goals, Claire was the obvious choice.

Claire’s instant professionalism set to work in analysing results from competitions throughout the previous season to identify the end target, then through discussion and physical assessment got to work to set stage targets at training goals with a regularly updated training plan.  Training to push oneself beyond your comfort zone requires dedication, to exceed expectations requires lots of proper prior preparation to prevent poor performance and this is what Claire provides.

Claire is truly and excellent personal trainer and with a balanced combination of an affective and structured training programme, physical preparation, nutritional analysis and advise, consistent and positive feedback, the occasional stern word of encouragement, results in the preparation being for the whole body and person, mentally, emotionally and physically.

The added value with Claire is that all this is undertaken with the benefit of her easy going and friendly personality, creating an atmosphere that is relaxed yet focused and when required the training can be in comfortable private surroundings.

The results are that I feel stronger, more flexible, encouraged and more confident than ever before and I now have the foundations to train even harder and give my next challenge the best shot I can.

I recommend Claire without reservation and if you are serious about changing your training, Claire will lead you every step of the way.”


Zoe Forman

“As my triathlon challenges have grown I have sought specific coaching, advise, training plans and analysis for swimming, cycling & running to get me to ironman distance.

One area I had not addressed was nutrition, I’m the kind of person who looks at a cream cake and my body absorbs 4lbs!. Also I’m not one to follow a ‘diet’, and never have. However I’ve learnt exercise can’t beat a bad diet. But a better diet and exercise can be the solution to fitness and health with the right balance.

I experimented in training and events regarding race fuelling, but realised it was my day to day diet that needed attention.

After completing a food diary for 4 weeks which Claire then analysed in detail and gave me a very honest but constructive review. She has become my Food Fairy and when I make choices I hear her voice in my head – no fried, beige, pastries or processed foods are first and foremost for me now whether shopping or making a menu choice when eating out. Whilst it was noted I was making an attempt to be healthy there were tweaks and changes that would make better long term health benefits for me.

This is work in progress as a nutrient plan for me which I couldn’t do without Claire’s help & advice and voice in my head !

Everyone needs a Food Fairy and Claire has become mine.”